Вот читаю книжку чувака Алекса Макки (Alex Mackey) про новую студию и фрэймворк и вот что интересно (не с технической точки зрения :) ):

A big risk for software developers is learning and backing technologies that will quickly become obsolete.
Of course, no one can know for certain what the future holds (no matter how much they claim to), but I
think it can be useful to look at current recruitment trends when deciding on which areas to concentrate.
I spoke to Jonathan Keen, head of search practice at a UK recruitment agency, Cognitive Group
(cognitive-group.co.uk), about trends he was seeing in .net development. Keen shared the following:

• Generally, companies are cutting back on new projects, so we are seeing less development roles.
• The most popular and highest paid skills in London at the time of writing (October 2009) are
Sharepoint, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics CRM.
• There are many roles focusing on integration with existing applications such as Sharepoint and
Dynamics suite.
• More competition for job roles places increasing importance on distinguishing yourself. Prove
your passion for development. Get out there to conferences, user groups, and blogs. (And buy
Apress books about new releases of .NET! – author)
• C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server remain core skills companies seek.
• There is some interest in “Agile” skills and SCRUM but less in TDD.
• Increasingly, WCF and WPF skills are expected on a developer's resume.
• Many public sector projects are still using .NET 1.1.
• There is an emphasis on web over desktop programming.
• Silverlight and MVC are not yet in demand (note many developers I spoke to disagreed and felt
Silverlight is the current hot area – author).
• MVC has been used as hook to attract developers.
• Technologies such as BizTalk have decreased drastically in popularity.

@музыка: YUI - Again

@настроение: Беда не приходит одна, меня уже ни чем не удивишь

@темы: жизнь, работа

2010-07-13 в 00:43 

прокомментировал бы, что нибудь по теме. но ведь знаешь, я даже свои вопросы в managing and maintaining перевести не могу) так, что... я дико завидую!!!!! блин!!!

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